Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do you love Tanya Whelan's?

I do..and i bet most of you do. I can see from the search result that arrive at my site always have 'tanya whelan' in it..:P

So the good news is SHE's BACK!

She's back with SWEET DELILAH.

Which will be available in US by this October.

Those pics might not do justice. It is just a scan image. But i think you get the idea.

(i may arrange a pre-order if many of you are interested).


  1. cantik2nya kain2 tu kak... geramm tengok! harga berapa semeter tu?

  2. btw, cantik banget panel2 liana yg dijahit oleh anita. Mcm nak komen kat website dia tp x boleh ( i don't know why). Tak sangka plain panel mcm tu boleh transform jd cantik sgt

  3. baru jer ambik quilt2 tu tadi.. :) haah kak suzi, quilt tu lebih cantik daripada dalam gambar!

  4. tula! dah terbayang2 dah nak buat baju balqis! *wink* *wink* hehe

  5. hi suzy. first timer here. I am interested. Lemme know when you will start taking pre-orders ya.

  6. lemme know when u start taking orders...geram tgk TW ni..

  7. salam. im kinda interested to join the pre-order but need to do some budgeting before i can place my order. the price RM45/yard including postage from US-Malaysia or not ya? nak total up and buat anggaran dulu since this is my 1st time buying a designer fabric, plus the fabric is quite expensive.

    and 1 more thing, for the next pre-order, u just taking order for Tanya Whelan and the pattern displayed here, or, other brand as well from the US website (such as etsy)?

    just come accross ur personal blog and totally in love with ur sewing project outcome! :)

  8. salam ween,
    45 tu including postage n tax if ada, sometimes kalau blh dpt dgn harga lebih murah, boleh juga offer harga 40/yard or 35/yard. normally bukan utk koleksi yg baru lah :).

    Pre order i boleh ambik juga selain dari Tanya Whelan :). Boleh request mana2 koleksi, sy cuba dptkan.

  9. Salam Suzy,

    Are these materials still available?

    Thanks Nina