Thursday, October 21, 2010

CRAZY SALE - ONLY RM35 per yard, RM100 for 3yard

Normal price : RM45/ yard, you save RM10/ yard or RM35/ 3yard!

And on top of it, POSTAGE is FREE!

So who say that's not crazy? We did it because we are going to clear some spaces for new stocks. Quantities are limited so if you really want it, please hurry.

Offer valid until 31/10/2010. Payment received before or by 31/10/2010 are eligible for this offer.

To order, tell us which SET number, and describe pic number i.e row no 3, line no 2 from left.

Set 1

Set 2


  1. kak... sy nak set 1.. row no. 4, line 2. gambar transport. 3 yard . RM100 kn?

  2. 3 yds tu bleh campur2 x?

  3. waaaa wat a good bargain! nasib baik leh 1 yard boleh buat apa ye??

  4. err. this is cotton kan? tapi material cotton yg mana eh? knitted? lycra? lembut tak?? still available ke? :)

  5. dear, ni woven cotton. lembut and some still available. bukan lycra or knitted tau :)

  6. Salam,
    do you still have
    1. Set 1 : Row 2, Line 4,
    2. Set 1 : Row 4, Line 4
    3. Set 2 : Row 3, Line 2?

    and can i have them in 2 yards, for all?
    whats their width like? thanks!

  7. nina, i ada yg no 2 n 3, all in 1y each